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At San solutions, Content Management Framework Solution is designed with an aim to allow technical and non-technical users to create and maintain dynamic website content. The framework supports rules-based publishing, maintains branding across all web properties through XML templating and ensuring that the content owners to control the publishing process.

San solutions takes a strategic approach to Content Management, aligning the content management framework with your particular business needs and leveraging existing IT infrastructure. We start with defining your eBusiness strategies, your operational processes, and your on line and legacy information sources. Working together, we identify the ideal software solutions and determine how to best customize your applications. Our Content Management Framework Solution includes:

Content Aggregation

Capture all content necessary for delivering a compelling Web experience, including database, file system assets, application code, and XML.

Content Collaboration

Accelerate all eBusiness initiatives with virtualization and parallel development.

Content Management

Extend contribution throughout the enterprise with versioning, templating, and workflow without a loss of operational control